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We Know What Is Best For Your Garden!

A lush, inviting lawn is the goal of many homeowners!

But your lawn needs help from you to look its best?

Fortunately, keeping your lawn in perfect condition is easier than ever. We provide lawn mowing and care services based on your individual needs.

Try us and see how beautiful can become your garden and lawn can be!

Range Of Services

Lawn And Garden

We understand that your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for there property.

Pool And Irrigation

If you are considering an Irrigation or Sprinkler System for the first time there is probably a question at the forefront of your mind. Do I need irrigation? Yes, you do!

Corporate Cleaning

We provide a cleaning service for the common property areas of most of our clients. The additional services can be added upon the client’s request.

Landscaping Services

Turfing (adding grass onto the soil to form a lawn – requires special preparation and application);

Installing raised planters (an experienced gardener can put these together and install them);

Fencing (whether you want complete privacy or just a separation, your gardener can set up fencing for you);

Shed and fencing repairs (professionals will do a faster and more durable job at repairing damaged wooden structures);

Decking (experienced gardeners will install decking without mistakes although it is a tricky job);

Laying ornamental gravel paths (ask your gardener which may suit best if you’re not sure).

We Can Teach You

Lawn Mowing

Find everything you need to know about lawn mowing, including how and when to mow a lawn. You'll also get tips on mower performance, grass height and more.

Seed Your Lawn

Learn about planting and growing grass, including getting started, grass types, steps to planting, problems and watering techniques.

Test And Improve Your Soil

Learn how to test your soil. Once you know what kind of soil you're working with, you can amend the soil so your lawn and garden flourish.

Tonya Cassidy

CEO and a professional gardener.

Our experienced team consistently pride themselves on providing a bespoke, quality and value your budget service that delights their customers and keeps them coming back time and time again!

We are a highly skilled fencing contractor and can advise on the best type of fence for your property so that it suits both your garden and your needs.

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